Oral Scripture training

The oral scripture use training project helps low literacy Quechua church leaders to learn the stories of the Bible sequentially in Quechua so they can teach the stories to others. The project produces materials in written, audio and video form for adults, youth and children. The ministry also seeks to strengthen Quechua churches by training leaders, couples and Sunday School teachers so that they can teach their church members to read the word of God in Quechua and apply it to their lives. 

Very few villages in Apurmac have a church. There is great spiritual hunger, balanced with opposition.

I am from the town of Cruzpata and I am 45 years old.  I can neither read nor write because my parents didn’t send me to school.  They made me stay at home and watch the animals, so I have always felt inferior because I am illiterate.  But when I met God, through the oral Bible story program, I found out that I am valued and loved.  I learned through Bible stories 1-4 that I must be born again to enter the kingdom of God. Now I have learned the stories and Im learning to pray and I participate in the services.  I am so grateful for the wordless books and the speakers that allow us to learn the Bible lessons.  I hope this continues because I have so much to learn.