Serving Refugees and the Displaced

We pray that refugees in the Middle East have their value and dignity affirmed as they encounter Jesus through the gospel, understand his life and teaching, death and resurrection, respond to his call to follow, and are nurtured in community to become effective members of his church and witnesses wherever they go.

There are opportunities here for workers with different skills who are prepared to learn Arabic over a period of 2 years. We view language and culture learning as critical for relationship building, as well as equipping workers to serve sustainably long-term. We recognise that mature local Christians are ordinarily better placed than foreigners to witness to and disciple the refugees in their communities, so by building relationships of trust and respect, we have networks to which we can introduce seekers or new believers.

Our chief ministries here are service through healthcare, through development and through advocacy.

We are particularly keen for new workers from the medical profession or who can serve in projects around education, vocational skills training, trauma support and practical aid.

Our advocacy workers serve alongside local Christians to provide support for refugees, including community-based projects and legal support programmes that affirm the dignity of refugees and empower them to exercise their rights.

Other ways to support

Donations to this ministry should be made to ‘Middle East Outreach and Disciple-Making Ministries – project 98798′

This ministry enables us to provide practical help to the many refugees and internally displaced people throughout the Middle East, predominantly in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. We also work with a small number of local ministry partners which means we can be sure that each donation gets used for its intended purpose.

Please pray the Lord’s blessing on displaced people, struggling to make a living and longing for clear futures; for eyes and ears open to the gospel; and for strength for church and group leaders under pressure.