Theology and Resources

Faced with the challenge of prosperity teachings, Islam, other religions and teachings, this ministry equips church leaders to teach and explain the Bible accurately and confidently.

There are two main projects in progress:

LEARN – Leaders Equipping And Resourcing Network

Many church leaders have minimal or no theological training and there are very limited resources for teaching and discipleship training. This project, LEARN, will equip 1300 church leaders who will receive tablets loaded with a project specific app, 30-40 books and other resources, and assist them with follow-up training.

This ministry needs theology and Bible teachers, administrators, finance staff and general team members to facilitate the training conferences and the distribution of the resources.

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To donate to this project, please specify LEARN – project 96396.

Enhancing Theological Education

We have been developing a theological education network across Zimbabwe for men and women called to gospel ministry. This provides literature, resources and financial assistance to students from all backgrounds.

We need lecturers, particular in Old Testament, Hebrew, Greek, Islamic studies, Systematic Theology, Ethics and Computing.
We are also looking for a librarian for the Bible colleges.

To donate to this project, please specify project 96395.