Iain, Mairi, Isaac, Elijah, Ariadne and Ezra Hepburn

Why We Serve
We have been on the long road toward mission.

Alhough the Lord put it on our hearts a number of years ago, it slowly became something that could not be ignored or avoided. It is a call that has been confirmed by those around us and the churches we work amongst.

There have been a number of delays, which at the time were frustrating, but now can be seen as ensuring that we go at the right time. We now see it as the Lord teaching us patience; pruning and moulding us in preparation for leaving.

The delay during Covid is a good example, with Iain having surgery in the aftermath that now leaves him fit and all the more ready to go. It also allowed Mairi to complete two years of counselling modules in Aberdeen University and the three-year certificate in counselling with Biblical Counselling UK.

Our Roles
Having been a lecturer in Old Testament, biblical languages and biblical ethics for a number of years, Iain is looking forward to lecturing and developing programmes with the Namibian Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) in Windhoek. His passion for theological education and equipping churches will have a perfect outlet.

Mairi has been a teacher for 25 years and whilst this may well be part of her Namibian future, her primary role would be helping the transition for the family, Isaac (13), Elijah (ten), Ariadne (seven) & Ezra (four).

Please pray...