Walter and Ella Madimutsa

Watler and Ella are part of a small SIM team in Zimbabwe. Sent by John White Memorial Congregational Church, Belfast, they long to see more Africans mobilised into mission work.

Why we serve

I realised that God was calling me to be an essential partner in educating those that do not know him about his plans for the world. The starting point being the Church being the body of Christ. I realised that God has love for his people and in order to show this out, he needs us all to help in his missional agenda for the world.

The ministry we serve

Theological Research: I am involved in researching into how people ‘do church’ in Zimbabwe and feeding this into how SIM missionaries can be informed about serving in Zimbabwe field. The theological research ministry also helps assessing performance of various SIM ministries in Zimbabwe.
Bible Education Services: Children focused ministry for enhancing gospel teaching to young people
Mission mobilization: teaching church about their role in missions

Our roles

  • Zimbabwe Research Desk: conducting research for the field and doing impact assessment.
  • Mission mobilization: teaching the church about their strategic role in God’s mission for the world.
  • Encouraging Christian teaching for the young people

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