On the front foot…

SIM UK wants to be a mission agency that is responsive to our times, committed to biblical truth and a servant to the church.

Over the next five years, we have chosen some areas to invest in as we continue with our vision to work hand in hand with evangelical churches to send and receive gospel workers, who are equipped for cross-cultural mission, and to make disciples wherever people live and die without hearing God’s good news. 

As part of our Strategic Review during 2020-2021, we listened to lead voices from within the changing UK and global evangelical church scene, consulted church pastors, youth workers, prayer group leaders, our alumni and retirees and our existing body of mission workers and staff members from across the country, in order to explore SIM UK’s role in mobilising people into mission in the years to come.

We now plan to invest in developing relationships across the diversity of the evangelical church, as well as with each generation. 

“We want the learning from these relationships to inform how we develop in the future and consider how to use new technology to be more effective in mission,” says Deborah Agnes, SIM UK’s Operations Director.

Deborah Agnes, SIM UK’s Operations Director

“Despite the restrictions of Covid-19, the pandemic seems to have been a catalyst for many to re-evaluate the things that really matter. In this unexpected way, we’ve seen continued growth in people enquiring with us,” she adds.

“It’s been a huge joy to receive workers from overseas into UK church placements, despite the restrictions of the pandemic. They are helping churches reach out across cultural boundaries to communities with gospel needs within the UK.

“Many churches are also seeking help with becoming communities that demonstrate our new humanity in Christ and are strengthened through diversity.  As well as immediate gospel impact, these activities have the potential to mature each church member and grow future cross-cultural gospel-workers, whom we would love to have serve through SIM UK!”

Mark Heasman, who stood down as co-chair of the SIM UK Trustees in January 2022, says: “We are being proactive, on the front foot, and anticipating what God is doing because we’re committed to raising up the next generation and giving them the microphone.

“The new vision goals show we are still relevant and committed to bolstering SIM UK for the future.”

This was posted on 26 April 2022 in UK Churches and Young people.

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