Volleyball set for children and youth ministry in South Africa


This project is part of Hope for AIDS, and works with orphans, vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. They run a Tournament programme that encourages biblical living, and provides competitions to win sports equipment. Your contribution provides one volleyball set.

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Lulisandla Kumntwana (which in Zulu means ‘Reach out to the child’) is a community based project of Mseleni Care and Compassion Ministries and is part of Hope for AIDS. It works with orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged young people through Life Skills training, youth development, support for teens living with HIV, support for orphans and vulnerable children, and after school clubs. They also run a Tournament program, enrolling sports clubs which attend monthly life coaching sessions to encourage building of biblical based relationships. The winning teams get full sports kits, and runners up win balls. Your contribution provides a volleyball set.