Radio Hope

This summer, the team from SIM Ecuador’s Waves of Hope radio ministry helped 90 children learn more about Jesus when they came face to face with their listeners for the first time. 

The team, who are based in Loja, travelled to the town of Gonzanamá for a special outreach programme organised through a local church, aimed at the children and their parents. 

Radio Ondas de Esperanza (Radio Hope) proclaims the gospel in Ecuador through quality Christian radio programming and recently expanded its coverage to Gonzanamá, Cariamanga, Quilanga, Sozoranga, Macará, and all the surrounding areas where before they were only heard in Loja and Catamayo. 

Radio is a key means of communication for many people in these remote communities, and visits like the one to Gonzanamá are an exciting way for the team to build relationships with their listeners and share the love of Christ in a truly personal way. 

The team now hopes to continue visiting these communities and even broadcast live programmes from there. In the coming weeks, an SIM worker will do a follow-up meeting with the children and begin to disciple them.  

MaGu Japa, who formed part of the radio ministry team, says: “Seeing the little children happy and attentive to the teaching was something that filled my heart. Although it was a time focused on them, their parents got to hear the good news as well and this challenged me to continue to share Jesus with others.”  

Jenny Cabrera, who works as a volunteer with the radio team, and accompanied them on this trip, adds: “Sharing with the children and youth of Gonzanamá this weekend was a very enriching experience. It was so special to see their faces as they understood God’s love towards them, and the good news of the gospel. Their parents were very supportive as they told them what they’d learned.”  

By Fabian Armijos

Please pray 

  • For the children and families who heard the gospel in Gonzanamá, and for the discipling opportunities after this event. 
  • For more listeners to be won for Christ. 
  • For more opportunities to travel to places where the radio signal is now reaching.  

This was posted on 29 August 2022 in Ministry stories.

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