Engage brings cross-cultural workers to UK churches, helping them reach the multicultural communities on their doorsteps

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Vimeo video

Serving In Mission works in more than 70 countries across the world and has forged very close links with local churches.

Many of those churches are now raising up mission workers who long to share the gospel with people who do not know Jesus.

Often those workers come from the same ethnic and cultural background as communities now living in the UK – and that presents a huge gospel opportunity!

We work with those churches from other countries to identify workers who would be suitable for placements in UK churches. As all members of SIM, these workers go through the same mobilisation procedures as workers sent out from the UK, including reference checks. We also work with UK churches to help them identify the kind of person they need to take the gospel to local communities.

Click on the stories below to read about a few of the Engage placements in Edinburgh, London and Rochdale.

If you would like more information about Engage, or just to talk through how it might work for you, please email our Engage coordinator Tim Barrow ([email protected]) or call 01223 788288.