Equipping Believers For Mission

We glorify God by proclaiming Jesus Christ and ministering to human needs in this country.

Our vision is to see the church led by godly people who are well trained in the scriptures and in leadership skills, and who are able to teach others in turn. We take part in this exciting aspect of missions by providing Scripture in people’s local languages, providing media options for outreach like radio programs, audio testimonies, audio Scriptures and apps with these resources for use by evangelists and the church.

We also provide specialised skills, training and mentors to the church so that we can continue to share the Good News alongside our brothers and sisters in the church. Solid Biblical knowledge and training are important because it is the heart, soul, motivation, foundation, guide and purpose of all believers.

We are actively looking for people who can teach the Bible accurately and faithfully, who help with Scripture translation, and who can develop materials for the churches in their languages.

We also run a ministry centre that provides training in tailoring, sustainable farming and other vocational and practical skills – both to Christians, to enable pastors to support themselves, and to others in the community. This provides a natural setting to share Jesus with those who otherwise may not have the opportunity to hear the gospel, and enables displaced people to begin to rebuild their lives.

You will need to learn a local language in addition to French.

To support this ministry financially, please specify the destination:

  • Scripture Translation – project 93460
  • Local Bible School – project 93916
  • Local Christian Outreach centre – project 93946