West Africa

Ministries and opportunities in West Africa

Faithful Witness – Mali

A team of workers are sharing the gospel with the Hassaniya people in Mali, a community where there are just four known Christians.

  • Skills needed: Administration, Communications and Media, Engineering and technical, Medical, Personnel and HR, Pilot, Teaching
Hassaniya People of the Kayes Region of MaliFind out more about Faithful Witness – Mali

Engineering and mechanics

We have a new ministry in a village of West Africa, equipping the church for service while ministering to human needs. We particularly need engineers, farmers, mechanics, construction management etc

  • Over 2 years
  • Skills needed: Community education, Engineering and technical, Pilot
Find out more about Engineering and mechanics

Hospitality and station member care

Our village in West Africa has several SIM ministries. attracting teams and short-term missionaries from around the world. We need help hosting them!

  • Over 2 years
  • Skills needed: Administration, Personnel and HR
CoffeeFind out more about Hospitality and station member care

International education

This ministry is a small international school designed for the children of our West African workers.

  • A year or two
  • Skills needed: Administration, Children's and youth ministry, Finance and accountancy, Teaching
TeachingFind out more about International education