West Africa

Ministries and opportunities in West Africa

English Teaching Centre

Through an English teaching centre outreach, we see students improving language skills, encountering the gospel and integrating into local Wolof churches. This is an urban...

  • Skills needed: Community education, Teaching, Translation and literacy
Map of SenegalFind out more about English Teaching Centre

Faithful Witness – Mali

A team of workers are sharing the gospel with the Hassaniya people in Mali, a community where there are just four known Christians.

  • Skills needed: Administration, Communications and Media, Engineering and technical, Medical, Personnel and HR, Pilot, Teaching
Hassaniya People of the Kayes Region of MaliFind out more about Faithful Witness – Mali

Equipping Believers For Mission

Through ministering to human needs and helping local Christians with Scripture translation and biblical training, we are strengthening the church.

  • Over 2 years
  • Skills needed: Bible teaching and theology, Community education, Engineering and technical, Pilot
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