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There was only one problem when eight-year-old Achara* and her mother Ambhom* were due to move from Thailand to New Zealand, where Ambhom’s partner had found a good job – they needed to improve their English.

As well as Ayutthaya, the current Faithful Witness locations include Mali, Chad, North Africa, the Middle East, Nigeria and South Asia

Looking for help, they connected with ‘The Centre’ in Ayutthaya, Thailand, where Serving In Mission’s Faithful Witness team provides a fun location to learn English.

Faithful Witness in Forgotten Communities was established in 2019 to help workers reach the unreached – people just like Achara and her mum.

The project raises additional financial and prayer resources to provide short-term funding for those going from non-traditional sending countries to seven current team locations – one of which is Ayutthaya.

Recognising that God has called people from anywhere to everywhere, the project exists to empower countries that used only to be able to receive mission workers to send them too.

SIM’s Faithful Witness Prayer Coordinator says: “It’s a return to the roots and first love of SIM: to reaching into new areas and bring the gospel to people who aren’t going to hear it otherwise.

“It’s about giving workers a start-up and a helping hand to establish ministries and projects in strategic locations.”

Now that some workers are nearing the end of their initial three-year funding, they have begun returning to their home countries, knowing that going back to their place of calling will require full support to be raised.

Ruth, a SIM worker at The Centre, says: “Achara and Ambhom loved being a part of our community here. Over time with us, they heard the good news of Jesus and they expressed some interest in God.

“I gave Achara the ‘Jesus Storybook Bible’ which I believe she loves and has taken to New Zealand. I hope the experience here and the love they felt will stay in their hearts. We are praying they will be guided to a Christian community in their new home.”

Had there been no team in place, Achara and Ambhom might never have met a faithful witness for Christ, so please scroll down to see how you or your church can get involved with sending workers from anywhere the church is, to everywhere it isn’t.

By Fiona Murray


• For *Achara and *Ambhom (names changed) who were impacted by the ministry of a Faithful Witness team.

• For unity and love in SIM’s multicultural Faithful Witness teams.

• For financial help to create teams in places where Jesus is not known.

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This was posted on 27 February 2023 in Ministry stories.

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