UK Intercultural Mission Research

“In an increasingly diverse UK we want everyone to be given the opportunity to meet Jesus and be welcomed into His Church. We’re excited about this research because of the way it will help us to learn together, and from one another.” – The Evangelical Alliance

As the UK grows in cultural and social diversity, there is a need to better understand how churches in the UK are engaging interculturally among their communities. How are they engaging with people from different backgrounds and incorporating the richness of cultural diversity? How are mission agencies serving alongside and responding to the evolving needs and opportunities that churches see? 

SIM-UK, AWM-Pioneers, OMF, AIM Europe and London City Mission worked with Eido Research to map the beliefs, behaviours and experiences of churches and mission agencies towards intercultural mission (ICM), both in the UK and overseas.

These reports will enable churches to receive help to cross cultural barriers more effectively and better connect with global mission resources to reach out in communities where the need is greatest.

This is a timely piece of research that speaks into the developing conversation about Diaspora ministries. Such ministries are becoming increasingly vital to the church in the UK and raise important issues that we, churches and mission agencies together, must address if we are to leave a legacy of a vibrant Christian faith to the next generations. It is not enough simply to read these reports – we must act now, renewing our commitments to world evangelism and unity.”

John Baxter-Brown, CEO of Global Connections


“We live in a country with a majority minority capital – only a minority of Londoners (45%) would claim to be white British. As we grapple to minister amongst an increasingly diverse population we need to equip ourselves with the inter-cultural skills to communicate the unchanging gospel across cultural boundaries. 
We will need to learn to strike up new partnerships with people different from ourselves, and to recognise where brothers and sisters have gifts to bring us rather than assuming we have all the answers.”

Graham Miller, CEO of London City Mission

The world is becoming a global village where people from different walks of life move from one place to another, searching for opportunities. Some are moved forcefully and some go willingly. Such a paradigm shift compels mission organisations to study and address the diverse people groups, strategically focusing on multi-ethnic mission exposure. The traditional stereotype of outreach is now outdated. 
The UK has become a melting pot with the emergence of a multi-ethnical society with a wide variety of people groups. There is an immense need to reach out to these people strategically. This collaborative research carried out by SIM UK, along with other mission agencies, has raised very important facts and findings that will enhance future efforts in reaching out to multicultural and multiracial  people groups.

Ram Prasad Shreshta, mission worker to the UK

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