Resourcing the future: Your impact

Our Giving Weeks, start in May. 2021 was our very first attempt – and we were blown away by the support from churches, families and individuals across the UK!

We raised £89,700; an amazing testimony to the relevance and priority of cross-cultural gospel ministry today.

Your Giving Weeks gifts enabled:

  • More workers currently serving in ministry to access a qualified counsellor through our People Care services
  • Grants to our ENGAGE project, bringing mission workers from overseas to help UK churches with local cross-cultural ministry
  • Families affected by the situation in Ethiopia to receive TCK support and children’s debriefs back at Cambridge
  • 5 visits to churches and Christian Unions by our Mobilisers (plus 14 ‘Zoom visits’ during lockdowns)
  • 26 new workers from 19 churches to start serving cross-culturally to make Jesus known

We would love to share more details about our work with you.

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Giving Weeks 2022

Will you get involved in our giving weeks this year? We excited to see what the Lord will do this summer.

This was posted on 28 February 2022 in Ministry stories.

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