Daily prayers

Praying every day for this work will make a big difference! Here’s how you could pray in the next few days.


Pray with All4Aid

All4Aid works with refugee women and children on the island of Lesvos, Greece, to provide showers, laundry services and a place of refuge for the most vulnerable to spend some time away from camp. Pray for opportunities to share the message of hope as they strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Pray with the MacInnes Family

Pray with the MacInnes family, who recently arrived in Athens, Greece, to partner with local evangelical churches and organisations in refugee ministry. Please pray that practical help, outreach and discipleship can increase  despite ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and workers will have wisdom, energy and good communication skills, as they seek to serve and love in a context of huge need.


Pray for refugee ministry in Athens

Damaris House in Athens, Greece, provides a safe space for highly vulnerable women. Give thanks that in meeting this need, the ministry has found many thirsting for the gospel message. Pray that as Damaris’ recovery and residential programme looks to serve these women practically, the Holy Spirit will be at work to transform lives.


Pray for SIM in Germany

Situated in a city where people from 160 nationalities co-exist, SIM Germany (DMG) offers a six-month training course aimed at those called to share the gospel amongst their own people. Give thanks for the ten people who started the course this month and pray the training will prepare them well for ministry.


Pray for churches in Athens

Greece continues to be a key focal point in Europe for refugees and asylum seekers. ECM’s vision is to support Greek churches and local organisations in reaching the needs of people in the city of Athens and beyond. Pray local evangelical churches would have the vision and the means to help integrate newcomers who have come to faith in Christ.


Pray with the European Evangelical Alliance

Pray with the European Evangelical Alliance for politicians to value human lives as they worry about security, budgets and numbers. Pray EU nations will be willing to share in the effort needed to welcome those who have the right to remain in Europe.


Pray for refugee ministry in the UK

Thousands of Iranian and Afghan refugees are currently being housed in hostels and hotels in the UK, awaiting their final placements throughout Europe. As they wait, there is great opportunity to reach them with the gospel. One of our workers serving in the UK says: “There is a huge need for the UK church to embrace refugees and asylum seekers.” Pray congregations involved with refugee ministry will be the light of Christ.

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