Prayer Groups

There are 3.27 billion people who have never heard the name of Jesus. Will you pray with us?

As we send teams of people to places that have never heard the name of Jesus, we’d love to see more and more pray for the Lord’s work around the globe. Why not start a prayer group at your church and link up with a particular mission worker, or join one of our existing prayer groups?

Praying together is powerful. You can pray alone, but it is not the same as the encouragement you receive in praying as a group. We have seen God answer prayer and provide in wonderful ways.

Molly, prayer group member, Redhill

We have faithful prayer groups in:

Battisford (Suffolk)
Gloucester (ME focus)
Sudbury (Suffolk)

Some groups are currently meeting online, enabling mission workers around the globe to join, others welcome mission workers on home assignment to speak or invite them to zoom into prayer group meetings.

Workers are able to describe their needs and people are immediately able to focus. We are able to hear about difficulties and experiences first hand, it gives you up to date information and a real thrust to hang your prayers on.

Anna, Church prayer group leader, Reading

Knowing people are praying regularly is a huge encouragement to our workers too.

When I was on home assignment I’d visit our local prayer groups. I used to be impressed by the intimate knowledge that members had of the work, and was greatly encouraged, and humbled, too, by the realisation of how faithfully they had prayed for situations mentioned in my prayer letters.

Doreen, retired mission worker, now prayer group member, Belfast

If you are interested in joining or starting a group, contact [email protected] for more information.

For materials to fuel your prayers, please click here.