SIMpray Kids fun facts – Bolivia

Bolivia is in South America and has a population of 11,620,000, this is about 83 percent smaller than the UK. Although many people would say they are Christians, few have a personal knowledge of Christ.

One of our mission families serving in Bolivia work with churches to help them to understand what the Bible says. Many of the people they work with can’t read, so they read Bible stories aloud in the local Quechua language and sometimes use pictures and drama to help people remember them.

Bolivia is home to the world’s largest natural salt flats. This is an area of ground covered with salt and other minerals. The salt flats are reflective like mirrors as one of our Immerse mission interns is demonstrating below.

Isn’t God’s creation amazing?!

Salt Flats, Bolivia

One of our TCK’s favourite Bolivian foods is Salteñas. They are like mini Cornish pasties. Click here for a recipe to try at home.

Click here for a map of Bolivia that you can colour in online or print in PDF format. Why not draw some pictures to help you remember how to pray for Bolivia?

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