SIMpray Kids fun facts – France

Did you know that in France, by law:

  • Any unsold but edible food must be donated rather than thrown away.
  • You cannot carry live snails on a high-speed train in France without them having their own tickets.

The French government award a medal to parents or guardians who have brought up or are bringing up four or more children in a moral and responsible manner.

One of Naomi’s favourite foods is French cheese.

Did you know there are over 1600 different types of French cheese?!

Whilst Keziah and Naomi were living in England, they attended school and they can confirm that you get more homework in France than in England.

At the moment, in France, lots of people are talking about the freedom of speech. This month think about the things that you are able to do that people in other countries can’t. Thank God for these things. Here are a few to get you started that we can do in the UK but people in other countries could get in trouble for:

  • Talking to school friends about God.
  • Reading the Bible.
  • Praying together.