SIMpray Kids fun facts – Pakistan

Pakistan is another of God’s masterpieces – hot arid desert areas contrast with snow peaked mountainous regions.

The Thar Desert
The Thar Desert. Photo by by Daniel Mennerich.

There are five deserts in Pakistan. One, the Thar desert is often called ‘The Friendly Desert’ as it is not too hot, accessible and colourful.

K2. Photo by Sjorford.

Pakistan is home to the world’s second largest mountain, K2, beaten only by mount Everest which can be found on the China/Nepal border.

Cricket in Pakistan
Photo by Phill Marshall, SIM

Lots of people in Pakistan love sport! Pakistan produces the most footballs in the world, and while it is commonly believed that the national sport is cricket, it is in fact hockey.

Male and female
People. Photo by Tim Mossholder

As well as sitting separately in church, when you visit someone’s house in Pakistan, men and women sit in separate rooms. Children can access both rooms.

Chai tea
Chai tea. Photo by Ben Cumming.

Eating together and drinking chai is a big part of Pakistani life. This month, every time you sit down to eat with your family, try and remember to pray for Daniel and Millie and Pakistan.

If you’d like to try the ‘brown and white sweets’ Daniel and Millie talk about in SIMpray Kids that are handed out at church, click here for a recipe. You may recognise the gulab jamun from last years Junior Bake Off.