SIMpray Kids fun facts – Peru

Peru has the highest sand dune in the world. Located in the Sechura Desert in the south of Peru, this is the one that some of our TCKs can be seen sand boarding down in this picture:

Sand boarding in Peru

One of the new seven wonders of the world can be found in Peru – Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is the remains of a city built on a 2,430-meter tall mountain ridge.

Machu Picchu by Agnieszka Mordaunt

Only discovered in 2015 when the snow on top of it melted, another part of Peru’s beautiful landscape is Rainbow Mountain. Isn’t God’s creation amazing?! Imagine what else remains undiscovered.

Rainbow mountain by McKayla Crump

Corn is a regular part of the Peruvian diet. There are 55 varieties of corn and they come in all sorts of colours – yellow, orange, red, white, blue, purple and black. If you think that sounds amazing, there are over 3000 varieties of potato in Peru too!

So many corn varieties! Picture by Jenny Mealing

Those of you with pets may wish to skip this part, but one of the traditional dishes of Peru is cuy saltado. Cuy translates as guinea pig. This is one of TCK, Jason’s, favorite dishes, and whilst it may seem strange to us, it is something very normal to Peruvians.

Understanding a new culture and tradition is something that our Third Culture Kids have to face each day. Pray for them as they come across new experiences that the Lord will help them with each one and help them to build friendships through them.

Friends by Joseph Gonzalez

One of TCK, Timothy’s, favourite times in Peru was “Fiesta Familiar” which is a big event at school where all the families come and play games together. This sounds like a wonderful way to get to know each other better.

In the Peruvian mountains, each village has a unique style of clothing that identifies the wearer as belonging to that region.

Peruvian women by Deb Dowd

As we pray together around the world, and learn more about God’s incredible world, I’m continually amazed, aren’t you? Why not read Genesis 1:1-2:4 and remind yourself how God created each thing uniquely from nothing.

Thank God for his creation and each person made uniquely in his image.

God is the ultimate creator. In Psalm 139 it talks about each person being woven together by him. Why not try being creative yourself?

In Peru, weaving is a traditional skill passed down in a family. Click here to try it yourself by making a cardboard loom, or for something more simple, you can download some grid paper here. Why not try creating your own beautiful patterns inspired by Peruvian textiles and landscape or inspired by the creation story?

Weaving by Adrian Dascal

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