SIMpray Kids fun facts – Senegal

Dakar is the capital city of Senegal and is right on the westernmost tip of Africa. This means it is the last place in Africa to see the sun rise or set.

Sunset over Dakar by The Wandering Angel

One of our TCKs was over seven months old when he first saw rain! He was born in Dakar at the start of the dry season, and it only rains July-October. His sister was born in England, so she didn’t even need to wait seven hours for her first rain shower!

The picture below is Lac Rose. Like the Dead Sea, Lac Rose is very salty so you float easily in it. The water looks a bit pink as it is full of algae that love the salty conditions. Isn’t it amazing that God created a home for every living thing?!

Lac Rose, Senegal by Curioso Photography

True or false? You can eat/drink three of the four things pictured below…


  • 1 is bouye, or monkey bread fruit.
  • 2 is a hibiscus flower. Our TCKs love to drink bissap which is made by soaking hibiscus flowers in water.
  • 3 is one of our TCKs favourite meals, yassa poulet, a chicken dish with onion sauce and rice.
  • 4 is the odd one out. These are tamtam drums that can be heard played across Senegal.

Picture by Bernard Hermant

Many people in Senegal are farmers and rely on harvests of millet, rice, corn and sorghum to provide food and money for their families. No rain, or too much, can cause serious problems. Something our TCKs see regularly is children begging on the street. Pray they will know how best to help the children around them. Pray too for the families in your community that do not have the money that they need for food. Ask God to show you how you can be his hands and feet on earth, showing the love of Jesus to those around you.

Is Jesus asking you to

  • help a friend at school?
  • give some of your pocket money to help someone else?
  • make a donation to your local foodbank?
  • or something else?

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