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Madagascar celebrates Independence Day on June 26 – the ‘vingt-six’, the anniversary of independence from French colonial rule in 1960.

“It’s a big day here and people celebrate with family and friends,” says TCK, Anna.

“The Malagasy really know how to party!” Says TCK, Sam.

Vingt-Six celebrations in Madagascar – photo from our mission family.

We asked Sam and Anna to describe the Vingt-Six celebrations they were part of:

“We went on a lantern-lit walk through town, ate delicious meat kebabs (“brochettes”) cooked over charcoal, and had a party with our friends in the hospital compound where we had traditional drinks, food and music. My friends and I even did a Malagasy dance. It was so much fun!” Says Anna

“The day before, the maintenance team from the hospital killed two Zebu. (They are a bit like a cross between a bull and a camel because they have a lump of fat on their backs.) My dad and I went to see it at four o’clock in the morning. It was a bit gory at points but otherwise not as bad as I expected. The meat was divided up so that no part was wasted.” Said Sam

Thank God for the opportunities our TCKs get to experience life in other cultures, and the opportunities new experiences bring to build relationships with local people. Pray for inquisitive hearts for our TCKs that might lead to conversations with new friends about Jesus.

Baptism photo from our mission family
Baptism photo from our mission family

Sam and Anna also got to witness baptisms Malagasy style

“We saw 25 people being baptised in the river!” Said Anna

“As each person was brought out of the water, we sang “Look, look, he is ready to follow Jesus.” It was amazing to see and afterward we had a picnic where each family brought their own rice, and then shared the meat from a zebu which had been cooked over charcoal in huge pots.”

Thank God for these new Christians. Pray for them as they learn more about Jesus and share what they learn with their friends and families.

Madagascar by 2Photo Pots

In Madagascar, there are 18 people groups who speak 25 different languages! The Bible is only available in one of these languages – Official Malagasy. Click here for an activity sheet to help you learn about people groups that don’t have the Bible in their first language, some of whom have never heard of Jesus. The sheet is produced by our friends at Africa Inland Mission and features a story from Madagascar.