SIMpray Kids – Preparing to go

Harrison family, Ethiopia | Thompson family, Thailand | Wallis family, Nigeria

Meet the Harrison family

Preparing to serve in Ethiopia

Hello! We are the Harrison family. We are Samuel (10), Mia (seven) and Maddie (five), and we are going to Ethiopia with our mum and dad. We will be living in the capital city, Addis Ababa, which is a really big city and we’re really excited!

When we get there, dad will be doing medical work and telling people about Jesus. Mum will be working as a music teacher at a school called Bingham Academy, where she’ll get to talk to her classes about Jesus and help them grow in their faith. We’re going to Bingham, so mum will teach us, which we’re looking forward to and also to it being very, very, very hot!

We’re a bit nervous about making new friends and living in a bigger country though.

Please pray:

  • That we will reach 100% in our support raising.
  • That God will help mum and dad with all the paperwork and preparations.
  • That we’ll settle well into life in Ethiopia and quickly make new friends.

Please pray for Ethiopia

  • That the conflict in the north will end.
  • That some of the people would come to know Jesus.

Follow the Harrison’s journey by praying for them regularly.

Meet the Thompson family

Preparing to serve in Thailand

Hi! I’m Poppy and I’m 11 years’ old. I have a younger brother called Jasper, who’s nine. My brother is very kind and trusting and I love playing with him. He enjoys playing football and collecting football cards!

I love lots of things like:

  • dramatic situations
  • helping my friends
  • laughing
  • joking with dad
  • music
  • being in God’s creation

I’ve lived in Oxfordshire all my life with my family. My dad, Martin, is a youth worker and my mum, Juliet, trains actors. This summer, we’re moving to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand (not by the beaches). We visited three years ago. It’s very busy and everyone has something to do. The people overall are very kind and joyful. I find it exciting to be in the busyness of everything and see people’s everyday life.

In Thailand, dad will serve with Sports Friends, training coaches to help young people – and bring them to Christ – which I feel like he’ll do really well at – because he’s really good at connecting with young people. Mummy will be looking after us and possibly helping at the school, which will be fun.

There’s lots to do before we leave. We still need to raise enough money to go and sort out what we will take with us.

Please will you pray with us? Although I’m excited, I’m nervous that some people might not like me at my new school – not accept me as I am. Jasper’s nervous about the flight and worried about keeping in touch with friends in the UK.

Please pray

  • That God will provide the money needed for the family to go.
  • That the journey to Thailand will be smooth and that the whole family will feel God’s peace and presence as they go.
  • That Poppy and Jasper will quickly settle into a new school and way of life and make new friends easily.
  • That the Lord will bless and strengthen friendships both in Thailand and the UK.
  • That people would come to know Jesus through this family and be blessed by their friendships.

Thank God that he has a lamp for our feet and a light for our path, and that he’s planned who will be our friends and what our house will be like – and he is setting them up for us right now – ready for us.

Follow the Thompson’s journey by praying for them regularly.

Meet the Wallis family

Preparing to serve in Nigeria

Hello, my name is Joshua and I am six years’ old. I like history and drawing and colouring. I have two sisters. Their names are Charis and Lydia. Charis is four and Lydia is two. We are going to Nigeria, which is in West Africa to live in a city called Jos.

Mummy and Daddy want to tell people about Jesus. My daddy is a physiotherapist and he’s going to be one in Nigeria. Daddy will help people who have injuries and illnesses. My mummy wants to help children who are poor and are orphans and help them learn in school and to learn about Jesus.

Please will you pray for me? I’m looking forward to trying Nigerian food and enjoying the sunshine, but I’m nervous about going to a new school and making new friends.

Follow the Wallis’ journey by praying for them regularly.