What does mission mean today? – Strategic Review

Whilst our vision is remaining the same, we recognise our world is changing around us and we need to be part of a developing conversation about what mission means today.

We have therefore set ourselves the task of answering this question:

Given our limited resources, how should SIM UK pursue our vision within a range of possible ministry strategies to enable a greater diversity of evangelical churches to recruit, equip, send and receive the next generation of gospel workers in shared purpose and mission?

Mission is now both to and from the UK – we have communities where Christ is least known on our doorstep. The UK church is multi-ethnic and multi-skilled. How can we best stand alongside our churches?

We are using this opportunity to consider how we raise awareness of unreached communities; helping churches disciple people into mission; development of further training pathways; connecting churches, workers and opportunities for cross-cultural ministry around the world and how we are joining with partners to do this.

We are also monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ability for mission workers to move across international borders, continue ministries and maintain resilience and faith in the Lord Jesus.

We work hand in hand with evangelical churches to send and receive equipped gospel workers into communities where Christ is least known