The power of a child’s prayer

In the Bible, Josiah was made king at the age of eight and his faith in the Lord had a transformative influence on the nation of Judah.

At Serving In Mission, our motto is ‘By Prayer’ and we recognise the importance of the formative years of a child’s life as we strive to help everyone whatever their age, to pray effectively for communities who have never heard of Jesus.

Photo by Amy Humphries

We do not underestimate the power of a child’s prayer and many of our mission workers testify to the way God put mission on their hearts from a young age. Inspired by this, we want to open the eyes of primary school-aged children to the gospel needs around the world and help every generation join the movement of prayer for global mission.

Could you be nurturing a future mission worker or would you like to encourage the young people at your church to support worldwide mission?

We’d love to help you do that with our monthly prayer resource for children – SIMpray Kids – that features stories from our own Third Culture Kids (TCKs) on what life is like for their families serving across the globe and illustrated with pictures or videos and points for prayer from the children themselves.

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez

Since September, we’ve had the joy of praying with families serving in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia and there have been activities on our website for you to try at home – anything from colouring-in sheets, to favourite recipes from where the children are currently serving.

Please join us on a journey of prayer around the world through the eyes of our TCKs and sign up to receive SIMpray Kids every month here.

By Linda Hunt

This was posted on 12 August 2020 in Ministry stories and Resources.
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