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A generation ready for mission

13 May 2021

In her role as Innovation Manager for SIM UK, Chloe Blainey says there are many exciting and creative possibilities of how the good news can be shared by the ‘next generation’ of mission workers

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The bigger picture

4 May 2021

Over the past five years, SIM UK has seen how God has enabled us to fulfil our vision to work with churches to send and…

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Anthropology, evangelism and me

13 August 2020

‘As a Christian studying for a degree in Social Anthropology, I spent a lot of time feeling nervous whenever Christianity came up in class. Within…

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The power of a child’s prayer

12 August 2020

In the Bible, Josiah was made king at the age of eight and his faith in the Lord had a transformative influence on the nation…

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Shaping the future…

29 July 2020

The importance of education options to mission families cannot be understated.

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