‘This training changed my life’

With a population of 167 million, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated nations on earth. Almost 95% of the population is Muslim and the Christian community makes up 1%.

SIM’s Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School (BBCS) serves rural populations with little access to the gospel and a limited understanding of God’s word.

Through its distance learning school and various training programmes, the project has been reaching the lost for the past 63 years, by breaking down barriers between people groups as well as training and equipping local believers, such as Jerry, whose uplifting story you can read here:

I’m Jerry. My father is a pastor who affectionately named me Jerry and my brother Jim.

When I come to study in the city, a Muslim boy from my village also comes. He follows me and wants to offer love. I can’t agree to his proposal as a pastor’s daughter, but he tries a lot and he goes wherever I go.

Even after becoming a Muslim, he comes to church to see me. At one point, I became weak towards him and agreed to his proposal, but my family could not accept our marriage.

I suffer a lot. On the one hand, I lost my family and my father’s respect. On the other side, my husband loves me a lot. He is a very good man, but my parents and brother have not accepted me until today.

I wanted to give my husband the good news of Jesus, but he is very afraid, because if he is a Christian, he will lose his father’s property and be expelled from society.

With great difficulty I took a job in a Christian organisation. That’s why I have relationships with many Christian brothers and sisters, who sympathize with my condition, but some even said I should become a Muslim because my husband is a good man. And if I become a Muslim, my husband will be happy too and he will not lose his family property.

In the meantime, I was admitted to the Practical Training Programme organised by Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School.

By doing this training, I’m able to know what true Christianity is. Without Jesus, no one can go to heaven and I know how important it is to share the good news of Jesus with others. I also know the value of this salvation through Jesus Christ.

This training has changed my life. If I had not received this training, I might have made one more mistake: I might have become a Muslim by listening to those Christian friends, who don’t really know the true value of Christianity.

Thanks to the Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School, I have found new life and am now more motivated to give the good news to my husband. All the glory to the Lord!

Please pray

  • Praise God for his continuous blessings for BBCS over the past 63 years.
  • Give thanks the BBCS has been a major contributor to the growth of the gospel in Bangladesh and the spiritual development of its people.
  • Pray the Lord will build his church in Bangladesh to bring hope to this struggling nation.

This was posted on 3 November 2021 in Bible access and Ministry stories and Training and equipping.
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