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Why Uruguay needs the hope of Jesus

6 June 2024

SIM is committed to seeing South America’s most secular country reached for Christ.

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Three projects get one home

6 November 2023

In 2019, SIM launched a building project to help create disciples in a country where Christians are in the minority. Give thanks that it’s now come to fruition.

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Books that save lives

19 September 2023

For more than 30 years, Paul Todd has strived to help God’s kingdom grow in West Africa through his work to help provide books that encourage Nigerian Christians in their faith, witness, and ministries.

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Ukraine Bible school reopens

5 October 2022

Ministers of the gospel of peace continue to be encouraged and equipped as Odesa Bible College begins a new term.

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 ‘Were it not for the training, I would have left teaching’

5 April 2022

Read how SIM is helping a headmaster be an ambassador for Christ in his rural school in Benin.

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Training nomadic believers

22 February 2022

Read how a training centre helped equip two brothers for a lifetime of serving Jesus among the nomadic herders of West Africa.

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New year, new beginnings

11 January 2022

For SIM UK member Ted Watts, there was one major item in his diary for the beginning of a new year: “Start PAACS”. Ted is…

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From tequila to truth

2 December 2021

Read how SIM is helping to train local leaders and plant churches in a vastly unreached area of Mexico.

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‘This training changed my life’

3 November 2021

The church in Bangladesh is tiny, but for the past 63 years, one SIM project has been providing support to isolated believers as they seek to follow Jesus.

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Hope for all nations

31 August 2021

Tony Thompson, who started Hope Church in Luton 18 years ago, reflects on the ongoing challenge of leading a multicultural church and how SIM UK can help with this ministry.

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Embracing intercultural ministry in your church

25 May 2021

More than 40 leaders in UK churches and half a dozen SIM workers leading multicultural teams in the UK and overseas, met online to participate in the inaugural workshop of SIM UK’s intercultural ministry training. Tim McMahon reports…

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Couple’s happy ending

23 March 2021

When the pandemic closed down the country, 40 per cent of financial support trickled away for Kenyan mission workers Tony and Julia Mburu. Needing a fast solution to a shrinking bottom line, they revived an abandoned book-selling idea from years earlier.

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Wraparound care

17 March 2021

How SIM UK support its most important God-given resource: Its people

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Teaching the love of Jesus

9 March 2021

SIM UK partners with TnT to develop seminal Sunday school materials in Arabic.

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The right Orientation

5 March 2021

Discover how our five-day Orientation programme introduces our workers to some important areas they need to keep learning and growing in, as they start serving in mission.

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‘Be our eyes and ears’ to stop human trafficking

20 August 2020

COVID-19 has created a global health crisis affecting millions of people in every community where SIM workers live and serve. While SIM continues to help…

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Peter takes refugee ministry online

18 August 2020

Five years after a wave of refugees and migrants came to Europe fleeing war and economic hardship, the chaos of a global pandemic prompted many…

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Shaping the future…

29 July 2020

The importance of education options to mission families cannot be understated.

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Rainbow in the clouds

2 July 2020

Doctors Ted and Rachel Watts, along with their two young sons, are living in Mandritsara in northern Madagascar and serving with SIM UK at the…

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Life in lockdown

8 June 2020

Within months of arriving in Nigeria, the coronavirus pandemic forced Paul and Tricia Todd, sent from High Kirk Presbyterian Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, to…

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