Training and equipping

Articles about training and equipping pastors, churches and individuals for ministry – for example, providing learning materials, courses, Bibles or scholarships

Hope for all nations

31 August 2021

Tony Thompson, who started Hope Church in Luton 18 years ago, reflects on the ongoing challenge of leading a multicultural church and how SIM UK can help with this ministry.

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Passing on the baton

14 July 2021

The commitment to see God’s word spread in Niger will be the hallmark of Jonathan and Elaine Burts’ ministry as they retire to the UK…

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A divine appointment

1 July 2021

Covid could not thwart God’s plan to bring Ram Strestha and his wife Keshari, from South Asia, to serve in the UK.

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Mission dentist honoured with an OBE

14 June 2021

Simon Stretton-Downes, serving long term in Liberia, is honoured with an OBE for services to dentistry in Africa.

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New academy opens

24 April 2021

A mission training school is preparing new believers in Europe for refugee ministry in their communities.

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Courageous calling

24 April 2021

Read the amazing conversion story of Tambaya Ibrahim, who travels across Niger to preach to the Fulani people.

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Surgery training moves one step closer

13 April 2021

SIM UK surgeon Ted Watts gives an update on exciting plans to ensure mission-centred medical ministry continues in Madagascar.

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The right Orientation

5 March 2021

Discover how our five-day Orientation programme introduces our workers to some important areas they need to keep learning and growing in, as they start serving in mission.

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Hiring now!

2 March 2021

Read how one SIM couple are helping job seekers in the aftermath of Covid-19.

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You can count on SIM

26 February 2021

‘We are stewards of God’s money and we have a responsibility to spend it wisely’

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Unity and diversity

23 December 2020

Siegfried Ngubane, SIM’s Regional Director for Southern Africa, says the gospel is not confined to any single nation or tongue.

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‘Aunty Dinah is truly an ambassador for Christ’

7 October 2020

The story of the Kasena people of Chiana, Ghana, demonstrates how God is moving in the hearts of a formally unreached people group

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United in prayer – at a distance

21 July 2020

‘People of prayer’ and ‘Dependent on God’ are two of SIM’s core values and we are thankful for local churches who are pivotal partners for…

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In the business of saving souls

3 July 2020

“As in most relationships here, it doesn’t take long for religion to come up in workplace conversations,” explains Barry*, a businessman who is sharing the…

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Life in lockdown

8 June 2020

Within months of arriving in Nigeria, the coronavirus pandemic forced Paul and Tricia Todd, sent from High Kirk Presbyterian Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, to…

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Is coronavirus an opportunity to see faith in Christ at work?

19 May 2020

What should we make of the coronavirus pandemic?

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