Faithful Witnesses

Articles on workers and ministries involved in the Faithful Witness initiative

Harriet’s story

7 September 2021

How do you support a new believer who lost her sole source of income? An income that dried up when she stopped performing demonic healings…

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A heart for mission to ‘forgotten’ communities

8 June 2021

Read why growing up in a community that had never heard the gospel gives SIM International Director Joshua Bogunjoko a heart for our pioneering Faithful Witness scheme.

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A match made in heaven

15 April 2021

Veronica and Samson will soon join a Faithful Witness team in Thailand, but their story of faith and of marriage began in an astonishing way.

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‘A young and vibrant couple’

23 February 2021

Today, there are no known believers in the Kayes region of Mali, which is predominantly inhabited by Hassaniya herdsmen. Living in this remote region on…

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From so-and-so to somebody

8 January 2021

Find out about the exciting work the Lord is doing through SIM’s Faithful Witness initiative among the Fulani in northern Nigeria.

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Unity and diversity

23 December 2020

Siegfried Ngubane, SIM’s Regional Director for Southern Africa, says the gospel is not confined to any single nation or tongue.

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You will be my witnesses

15 October 2020

Read about SIM’s Faithful Witness initiative to share the gospel with people who have never heard of Jesus Christ.

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Voice of hope among the Hassaniya

30 September 2020

The stirring story of a family living among the Hassaniya-speaking Moors in Mali, west Africa, as part of a new Faithful Witness team.

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‘Chad is not an easy location’

13 July 2020

With its diverse population of hundreds of ethnic groups speaking 120 languages and dialects, it’s no surprise that Chad is sometimes called the “Babel Tower…

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