Wow, what a visit!

‘Whilst on an early-morning walk one day, I came across a disabled boy playing in gravel,’ writes SIM UK mission worker Kate.*

‘He was so tiny that I prayed to find him again. Some time later, I went searching for him with a friend and in a very narrow shabby area, God finally led us to him, by which time half the community seemed to have joined us.

‘To the mother’s shock, we all poured into her little house uninvited as I tried to explain how we’d been looking for her son. She was absolutely bewildered!

‘More and more people came into the room and at least three other children with disabilities were pushed towards us. In the muddle and crowd, we found out that the boy was nine years’ old despite his tiny head and stature.

‘The mother was raising five young children by herself after her husband died last year of Covid. Her teenage sons were out selling tomatoes on the street corner and once again, my heart ached as I heard just a little of this mother’s story and her difficult family situation.

‘We promised we’d return when it was less chaotic, but before we left, we prayed for her and her son.

‘Suddenly, the room erupted and all the kids were pushing forward to be prayed for and even the old ladies too. We tried to do one general prayer for all, but they wanted individual attention, so we prayed for each one.

‘It was wild, chaotic and unorthodox, but so amazing to sense the Holy Spirit working! When we finally pushed our way out the door, we were escorted along the street by clapping and cheering children. Wow what a visit, thank you Jesus!

‘Since the first visit, I’ve returned to pray more with the mum and tell Bible stories, which she remembers. I’m now praying for someone to regularly visit with me as I can’t go there alone.

Kate* is one of SIM’s 52 Faithful Witness workers and the only one in this new area of the Middle East. Faithful Witness sends workers to places where people have little or no opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. As well as the Middle East, it’s building teams in Chad, Mali, Thailand, East Asia, South Asia and North Africa.

“I’d love to be working in a more definite team and to have a housemate, but I trust God will be preparing the way and people to make this possible in his perfect timing,” says Kate.

*Name changed

Please pray

  • Praise God, since this first visit, Kate has returned to the little boy’s home.
  • For the boy and his family to be receptive to Kate and open to hearing the gospel.
  • For new team members to join Kate and help her ministry flourish.

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If you feel God is calling you to serve in this pioneering ministry, please email [email protected] and read more about this ministry here.

This was posted on 10 May 2023 in Ministry stories.
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