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Watch this video to learn how we are reaching out to unengaged communities

SIM has a history of 130 years of gospel work; first in Africa and now in up to 80 countries around the world.

Yet there are still places in the world where there are no churches and few or no Christians and no gospel workers.

87 per cent of people without the gospel have no Christian witness and while many organisations send workers and resources to areas where there’s already a church established, Serving In Mission is committed to taking the gospel to reach every tongue, tribe and nation.

That’s why we launched our Faithful Witness scheme in 2019 to introduce the gospel strategically to communities living and dying without hearing the good news of Jesus.

Joshua Bogunjoko

Through Faithful Witness, SIM works with partner organisations and recruits from churches across the globe, to share the good news in difficult places and where there is little or no Christian witness.

The multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-skilled teams are engaged in a host of ministries, from tent-making and business, to healthcare and education.

The teams are a great example of one of SIM’s core values: ‘Strengthened through diversity’ with workers representing seven sending offices and 15 nationalities.

In the words of SIM’s outgoing International Director, Joshua Bogunjoko: “My prayer for our mission family is that we become ever more faithful in waiting, faithful in worshipping, and faithful in witnessing.

“May our experiences of waiting — for the second coming, for answers to our prayers, for relief in times of hardship — form us into faithful worshippers. And may our faithful worship shape us into faithful witnesses.”

Please email us at [email protected] to start engaging with this crucial pioneering work.


  • Praise God for the countless lives transformed since 1893, as faithful witnesses have disregarded the cost of obedience and followed God’s leading to make Jesus known in least reached communities.
  • For the existing Faithful Witness teams.
  • For plans to launch more new teams in 2024.

Stories and ministries

Pray for pioneering teams

Pray for Mali
Pray for Mali
Pray for Thailand

Through its Faithful Witness initiative, SIM brings together multicultural workers to share the good news of Jesus in difficult places — from the quickly-developing city, to the remote mountain village — places that are challenging for gospel outreach and, sometimes, even hostile toward Christianity and missionaries.

Each team is includes 10-12 workers from at least three different continents. This is key because when multi-ethnic mission workers are united in ministry, it is evident that Christianity doesn’t belong to just one culture, but is available to everyone.

Faithful Witness teams are developing in the following locations: Chad, East Asia, South Asia, Mali, Thailand, North Africa and the Middle East. We pray people will get involved by:

  • Praying for a least-reached community and team.
  • Sharing with their church or community.
  • Supporting a Faithful Witness worker.
  • Serving on a Faithful Witness team.

If you would like to know more, please email [email protected]

Vimeo video – click to load

Vimeo video

Pray now with Joshua Bogunjoko, SIM International Director.