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Luis lets his light shine

13 March 2023

God has given us the powerful tool of sports to share his love with young people all around the world, offering them a hope found only in Jesus Christ.

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True to our word

19 July 2022

Read how our commitment to biblical truth helps SIM embrace diversity.

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Planting gospel seeds in central Benin

14 June 2022

Introducing someone to Jesus who knows nothing about him, and who has probably been told that Christianity is false and the Bible is corrupt, takes time.

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God is at work

23 March 2021

VIDEO: Join us in 12 months of pandemic praise. No boundary, quarantine or confinement can stop the work of God’s hands.

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Wraparound care

17 March 2021

How SIM UK support its most important God-given resource: Its people

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The right Orientation

5 March 2021

Discover how our five-day Orientation programme introduces our workers to some important areas they need to keep learning and growing in, as they start serving in mission.

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Neither here nor there

27 October 2020

Read a Q&A with Cheryl Gibson, SIM UK’s Third Culture Kid Coordinator.

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Knowing where we’re going

4 September 2020

For the past six years, Keith Walker has been part of Serving In Mission’s International Leadership as Global Director for Strategic Development. Here, he shares…

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Anthropology, evangelism and me

13 August 2020

‘As a Christian studying for a degree in Social Anthropology, I spent a lot of time feeling nervous whenever Christianity came up in class. Within…

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Shaping the future…

29 July 2020

The importance of education options to mission families cannot be understated.

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‘Chad is not an easy location’

13 July 2020

With its diverse population of hundreds of ethnic groups speaking 120 languages and dialects, it’s no surprise that Chad is sometimes called the “Babel Tower…

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‘I learned what it really felt like to trust God’

19 May 2020

Read a testimony from a young SIM intern in Bolivia to encourage anyone exploring mission. “My last few weeks in Bolivia – spent tying up…

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Cross-cultural mission since 1893

3 May 2020

In 1893, three young men who founded SIM set out for the interior of the Sudan in west Africa, compelled to see souls saved for eternity. The next seven years…

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Coronavirus cannot destroy our fellowship with the Lord

8 April 2020

Gathering together in person has long been the very lifeblood of Christ’s church. But because of the coronavirus, large group meetings have disbanded.

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